Born from the concept of putting a video wall on its back, along came the Savannah TouchTable, so named after the first installation at the Savannah College of Art & Design, Georgia, US

The ‘Savannah’ TouchTable from U-Touch is fully scalable as the configuration of monitors 2×2, 3×2, 4×2 etc. determine the size. Diagonals from 92” to 200” can be created using this unique design, all electrical components and cooling are stored in the legs, along with LED lighting giving the effect of floating. The Savannah TouchTable adds a WOW factor to any foyer, academy, museum or retail space, but is also a unique tool for communicating with your audience, gathering marketing data and generating real return on your investment.

Table Design – Key features

• U-Touch Monocoque design in Custom colour
• Integral Cooling Mechanism
• Robust structure suitable for public spaces
• LED lit underneath
• Reliable Infra-red Touch System with up to 32 touch points
• 6mm Toughened Glass with anti-reflective coating
• Various configurations up to 200” diameter
• LED seamless backlit displays 46” or 55”
• Optional Multi-media features including USB ports, audio jacks for wireless headphones
• High spec PC with Win7 or 8
• Moveable with hidden wheels
• 3 year warranty

Applications: Corporate, Education, Exhibition, Leisure, Retail, Libraries, Museums, Foyers

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