Recognising the need to stay ahead with the latest in touch and display technologies, U-Touch now offer a comprehensive range
of fully integrated LED back lit displays.

Representing the next generation of screen image technology TouchLED displays provide huge benefits to the end user enhancing the quality, performance, aesthetics and more importantly, cost of Ownership which ultimately improves the “Return on Investment” for your installation.
TouchLED is the ultimate communication medium for applications including: control rooms, broadcast studios, 24/7 interactive public signage, education and training rooms, presentation environments, video conferencing, boardrooms, lobby and reception area. They are also ideal for integration into large format kiosks, totems and display/presentation furniture.

Benefits of TouchLED Displays
• LED backlighting for outstanding energy efficiency
• 30% to 40% energy saving on average
• Professional grade display guarantees 24/7 around-the-clock performance
• A real state of the art look and feel enhancing visual impact
• Exceptional light weight streamline design makes the screens far more manageable to handle
• Reduced depth of TouchDisplay expands opportunities for diverse and easy installation
Key Features:

• Sizes: 46”, 55”, 60”, 70”, 80”, 90”
• Touch points: Options for 2, 6 and 30 simultaneous touch point capability
• Options for Multi-Media, Standard, Medical and Custom bezel finshes
• Touch connectivity: USB 1.1, 2.0
• Touch response: 4ms to 15ms
• Interface standards: DVI, HMDI, Display Port, VGA
• Controlled heat management to protect display from overheating
• Display management: intelligent power& heat management features as standard
• Screen orientation: Options for both Landscape and Portrait use
• Warranty: Full 3 years warranty as standard
• Audio: Most TouchLED options have integrated speakers as standard