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Please browse through a selection of videos showcasing some of the U-Touch MultiTouch range. For more details on our Touchscreen products, please CONTACT US TODAY.

U-Touch 55’’ 4K Sync Table

U-Touch 65’’ 4K PLine Touch Monitor

U-Touch Nec Pcap V323-2

U-Touch does Drones

U-Click Interactive VideoWall

4 x 1 Video Wall

U-Touch Install a 4x2 Interactive Video Wall in Dublin at Google HQ

ISE 2013

Adidas VideoWall

U-Touch 84" Sync Table 4K

SyncTable from U-Touch

103' Multitouch Air Hockey

Slimline Touch Frames

84 4K Multitouch

Poland Factory

SARA Touch Wall

U-Touch 65” ProGlass Range 4K

NEC Showcase 2016

U-Touch Retail solution

Custom and Design Content

IP Rated Casing

Mobile Presenter

Multitouch Table